Brain Health

Brain Health

Treat your brain well as you age

Your brain changes as you get older. Not every brain ages in the same way. Some of these changes are a normal part of aging, such as forgetting where you just put something. Changes in mood can be another sign that your brain is changing.

Other kinds of changes could be caused by a health issue, such as diabetes or heart disease. Forgetting things you just learned or getting lost in places you know well are not caused by normal changes in your brain.

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Maintaining good mental health

Your mental well-being is a key ingredient to healthy living. If you are tired, irritated, or feeling overwhelmed, it can be hard to keep up on healthy habits. Plus, not every day goes as planned. A clear mind can help you take care of yourself and your family no matter what obstacles you face.

Here are a few ideas for helping your mind stay sharp and focused:

Sleep well: Try to have a bedtime routine every night to help your body and mind get ready for sleep. Turning off your TV, computer, and smartphone screens an hour before bed may help you get a more restful sleep.

Eat well: Eating right may help you keep your mind sharp. Some foods, like blueberries, are even linked to healthy brain function. Also, try to limit how much caffeine, alcohol, and sugar you eat and drink. These can make you feel more anxious and tired in the long run.

Talk with friends: Enjoying time with friends and family can help you feel more connected. Make time to be with them to share a laugh or when you need to talk through a problem.

Talk with your healthcare provider: Let your healthcare provider know if you have trouble sleeping or feel changes in your mood. Also, talk about how you handle these feelings. Your healthcare provider may be able to offer some new healthy habits to try or have other suggestions.

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