Tips for healthy meals on a budget

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Did you know that different parts of healthy foods can be used to help make multiple meals? Vegetables are a great example. When you are chopping up veggies, pieces like carrot tops and celery tops make great additions to soup stocks later. Keep these spare pieces refrigerated in a sandwich bag. When you’re making soup later that week, drop them in and simply use a strainer or a large spoon to pull them out before eating.

Other vegetables may also have more uses than you realize. For example, beets have big, green, leafy stalks that you can also make into a separate side dish or include as part of a stir-fry or other meal.

The same thinking can be applied to meats as well. Take a whole chicken, for instance. After you’ve baked, roasted or broiled the chicken, cut what meat you want off of it and then slow cook the bones in water for 6-8 hours. There are many different recipes for adding veggies (celery and carrot tops, anyone?) or spices as you like. The resulting broth is a nutritional powerhouse that can be frozen or refrigerated to be used as a flavorful addition to rice or pasta at a later date.

Find more tips that can help you eat healthy while stretching your food budget.

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