Remember to take your medicines

Picture of man for medication reminder article
  • Put your pills where you will see them. For example, if you take a pill with breakfast, put your pills on the breakfast table.
  • Put a reminder note where you will see it — on your coffee cup, for instance, or on the bathroom mirror, if you take the medicine in the morning.
  • Get a pill organizer. They come in many sizes and shapes. Your pharmacist can help you choose one. Have something you can travel with in case you leave your house and forget to take your medicine. This way, you can take your medicine when you remember.
  • Set an alarm. Use an alarm clock or set the alarm on your phone, watch, or computer. Or buy a pillbox with a built-in alarm. There are mobile phone apps that can help remind you, too.
  • Ask for help. Ask family or friends to remind you, especially when you first start taking the medicine.
  • Mark your medicine bottles with different colors. For example, blue for morning, green for midday, and red for evening.
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