Psoriasis may affect your

Psoriasis may affect your relationships

Your psoriasis may affect your relationships with friends, family, or love interests. There are a lot of myths about psoriasis. Some people may feel uncomfortable because they don’t understand what psoriasis is or may think it's contagious. Communication is essential for managing psoriasis and your relationships.

Dating with psoriasis
When you begin a new relationship you may find that you feel more relaxed and less embarrassed if you tell your partner about your psoriasis. You could start by first telling them you have psoriasis. Then you could show them your psoriasis and explain a few of the facts. If you feel awkward doing this, you could give them some brochures or direct them to online resources to read and be ready for some questions that they may have. By being honest with your partner you will feel more at ease.

Try these tips for talking with your partner:

  • Decide what amount of intimacy is right for you.
  • Talk about the physical and emotional effects of psoriasis.
  • Consider inviting your partner to a healthcare appointment.

Find the right time to start talking about psoriasis. It might not be on the first date, or second, but share your situation when you feel comfortable. Be open and honest as the relationship grows, and always consult with your physician about treatment and sexual options.

You can live well with psoriasis. Find helpful tips like these and much more at

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