Is your brain at its best?

Person doing crossword puzzle for brain health tips article

Brain function and health are important at any age. Consider these tips to help keep your brain in good shape.

Eat smart. Brain health starts with what you put in your body. Your brain craves omega-3 fatty acids like those found in salmon and antioxidants like those found in walnuts, blueberries, and kale. Studies have shown avocados can help maintain healthy blood flow to the brain, and eggs have nutrients that can help your brain’s memory.

Get blood to that brain. Blood carries oxygen throughout your body, and oxygen is important for your brain to stay healthy and work well. Breathe easily through your nose. A short walk is a great activity for brain health because it gets your blood pumping and increases oxygen to your brain without overworking your muscles.

Entertain your brain. There are many ways you can keep your mind sharp. Reading, listening to music, learning a new language or skill, and creating art can all give your brain the challenges it needs to stay healthy. Other ways to actively engage your brain are through puzzles, word games or problem-solving games. You can even find games online that you can play by yourself or easily connect to other players.

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