Help Mom and Dad live healthier

helping aging parents with meals and nutrition

As your parents get older, they may be thinking more about ways to stay active and eat healthier. Or they may not want to change habits because it is too difficult or they feel fine. Either way, it is important for them to take care of their health. Try an approach that focuses on their strengths and tastes. This can encourage your folks by making healthy habits less about overcoming obstacles and more about enjoying life. The tips below can help get you started.

Go with food they already like. What are your parents favorite meals? Think of ways to make a dish healthier. Steam or roast the veggies. Use leaner cuts of meat. Make cut fruit or veggies the appetizer—munching on these healthy foods will help everyone fill up some before the main course is served.

Go with hobbies they already like. Also, consider their favorite activities. If they like photography, walk through the park to take pictures. Even reading can be made more active with a walk to the book store or a stroll through the park before finding the perfect outdoor reading spot.

Focus on goals to accomplish. What hobbies do they want to keep doing or wish they could do more of? How do they feel about the level of energy they have? By having your parents talk about their goals, you can help them see how certain healthy habits can get them closer to these goals.

Do it with them. Make your interest in their health a reason to spend quality time with your parents. Go for walks and bike rides with them. Make a nutritious family dinner part of your weekly routine. After all, togetherness has its own health benefits.

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