Having healthy bones when dairy is off the menu

non dairy diet: try dark green, leafy veggies

Calcium is one of the nutrients your bones need to stay healthy. Dairy foods—like milk, cheese, and yogurt—have high levels of calcium. But what if you can’t have dairy? Try these calcium-rich foods and discover more ways to get the nutrients your bones need to stay healthy.

Dark green, leafy veggies. Broccoli, romaine, kale, and other dark green, leafy vegetables are all sources of calcium. Try them as a side dish or as part of soups or salads. You can also prepare the same vegetable in different ways, too. For example, you can steam broccoli for one meal, then try roasting it for another meal for a completely different flavor.

Tofu. This soy-based food takes the flavor of spices you use while cooking. Try different levels of firmness to see what you like best. Softer tofu is great for soups or adding to smoothies. You can use firmer tofu as a meat substitute in dishes like stir-fry.

Beans. Black beans. Pinto beans. Lentils. Chickpeas. You can enjoy these and other beans as part of salads, chilis, soups, burritos, or as a side dish. If you buy them dry, just be sure to soak them in water for several hours before cooking them in fresh water. This will help your body absorb the calcium in these foods.

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