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Our lives are busy, and the convenience of vending machines and fast food restaurants is tempting. Making good food choices when we’re away from home is hard. If you need food that’s quick, here are some tips to help you make healthier choices:

  • Plan ahead by cutting up fruits and vegetables on Sunday. You can use snack-sized, zip-top bags or easy-to-use plastic containers to keep food fresh and easy to grab during the week.
  • Keep healthy snacks with you. Avoid a mad dash to the vending machine by making your own snacks using fresh, healthy ingredients, like lean protein, vegetables, fruits, and grains. You’ll stay full longer and save money.
  • When making your own snacks, pair a protein with a fiber. Fiber, found in foods like vegetables and fruits, fills you up; while protein, found in foods like meat and cheese, makes it last.

Try these snacks:

  • Apple slices (fiber) with peanut butter (protein)
  • Grapes (fiber) with cubes of sharp cheddar or mozzarella cheese (protein)
  • Sliced deli meat (protein) rolled with sliced bell peppers in the middle (fiber)

Read more about how you can make healthier choices in Making Healthy Food Choices.

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