Get the most health benefits out of a farmers market

Benefits of a farmers market near me

A farmers market has more than just local, fresh food. It's a chance to connect with nature and be more social. Try these ideas the next time you venture out.

  • Talk to the farmers. The farmers and other vendors enjoy talking to customers about their foods and farms. Plus, visiting a farmers market gives you a chance to connect to your community. Learn more about locally grown foods by asking for their favorite recipes or about fruits and vegetables you usually skip over. You may find a new favorite dish in the process.

  • Explore new flavors and colors. Farmers markets have food you may not see at the grocery store. Items like purple carrots, Asian pears, watermelon radishes, and heirloom tomatoes can add color and flavor to your meals.

  • Make it an outing. Use the farmers market as an excuse to get active. Bike or walk to a market if it’s near you. Even if you drive, plan to take a stroll around the grounds to refresh your senses. You could even make a picnic and enjoy your farm-fresh food.

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