Fuel your body with good nutrition

how to eat a healthy balanced diet

Eating balanced meals can give you more energy, help keep your body healthy, and help you stay at a good weight. Eat foods from these groups every day:

  • Vegetables — Choose dark green and bright red, yellow, and orange veggies.
  • Grains — Choose whole grain bread and pasta.
  • Meats, Beans, Nuts, and Other Proteins — Choose lean meats. Limit red meats. Remove skin and fat from meat and chicken.
  • Fruit — Fresh fruit is best. Drink juice made from 100% fruit.
  • Dairy Foods — Choose low-fat and non-fat products. Soy and rice milk can be dairy substitutes. Choose hard cheeses over soft cheeses.

Learn more about balancing your plate, measuring serving sizes, and choosing healthy snacks throughout the day. Download Eating to Feel Your Best. The brochure also includes meal planning ideas.

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