Learn about the link between Vitamin D, winter and sunlight

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Winter days are shorter, and the weather can often be gray and cloudy. But even just 10 minutes outside in the sun a few times a week can be enough to get your body to produce more vitamin D—which is good for bone health and may also boost your mood.

Pay attention to the weather forecast. It’s important to take advantage of those gorgeous sunny days when they come. Check the forecast for the coming days and plan a short walk for a sunny day you see in your future. Bring a hot beverage with you and embrace the calm of a nice winter day.

Shed the gloves, hats and scarves for a short time. It is important to protect your skin from the cold with the right clothes. However, when the winter weather isn’t so harsh, exposing your face, arms or legs for a few minutes can refresh your senses and get a bigger helping of that sunshine.

Open the curtains. When the temperature is too cold, you may want to just be inside, cozy and warm. But remember to open up the curtains around the house and let the sunshine in to boost your mood. While at work, if there aren’t a lot of windows, see if there are any along the way to lunch or on your way in and out for the day.

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