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What do you look for when shopping for fresh produce?

  • cantaloupe
    Ripe cantaloupe is firm with a greenish rind
  • eggplant
    Ripe eggplant is purple and soft to the touch
  • watermelon
    Watermelon sounds hollow when ripe
  • corn
    Ripe corn must have a brown silk at the end

Answer: C. Watermelon sounds hollow when ripe

Different fruits and vegetables have signs when they are ripe. Ripe watermelon sounds hollow. Ripe cantaloupe smells like flowers. It shouldn’t be too firm. Ripe eggplant is firm. And ripe corn has a green husk that hasn’t dried out. The color of the silk doesn’t matter.

Also, you may want to pick out fruits and vegetables that are not quite ripe yet, so they will be ready for the meal you have planned later in the week. Ask the grocer or farmer how to pick the right fruits and vegetables they have. Some may even pick it out for you if you are still unsure.