Work with your healthcare provider to create your own exercise or meal plan. Assess your risk for disease. Or simply test what you know about health and wellness. These are a few of the ways Lilly for Better Health® supports and encourages you to take an active role in your health.

All of these resources and more can be found here, including brochures you can view, print, save, email, or share on social media; videos, and interactive activities.

What can help you reach a long-term goal?

  • Have friends join you
    Have friends join you.
  • Make weekly goals
    Make weekly goals.
  • Be realistic
    Be realistic.
  • All are correct
    All are correct.

Answer: All are correct.

Whatever goal you’re striving for, it is helpful to surround yourself with chances for encouragement and motivation. Involve friends and family to help cheer you on and stay on track. And by dividing a large goal into smaller daily or weekly goals, you can focus on the steps in front of you that will get you to your final goal. You can do it!