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Be Active: Look at Your Home in a New Way

Physical activity is good for your body and mood. Here are a few ways you can move more when you are at home. VIDEO • 4:56 View|Share|Rate This

Be Active: Look at Your World in a New Way

Try these tips to squeeze physical activity into your day without using extra time or money. VIDEO • 4:52 View|Share|Rate This

Figuring Out Food Labels

Learn more about what to look for when reading a food label. VIDEO • 4:41 View|Share|Rate This

Nutrition Fiction: Healthy Eating Costs Too Much

Here are some easy tips to help you make low-cost, nutritious meals. VIDEO • 2:55 View|Share|Rate This

Nutrition Fiction: Some Truths About Weight Loss

Find out how eating small, eating often and eating real food may help you manage your weight. VIDEO • 3:32 View|Share|Rate This

Patient Film Project: Alzheimer's Disease Video

A short film about a family's experience with Alzheimer's disease. VIDEO • 6:15 View|Share