Make time for preventive care

Picture of man for preventive care article; chart showing when do I need a flu shot

It can happen to all of us: We forget to care for ourselves because we are so busy caring for those around us. But investing in your own well-being—by preparing a healthy meal or visiting a friend you haven’t seen for a while—can help you take even better care of your loved ones.

Part of practicing good self-care can mean having a regular check-up with your health care provider. This gives you the chance to discuss any health concerns you might have and find out how your health is overall. A regular check-up, often called a physical exam, might include tests or screenings to monitor your health, such as a cholesterol test.

If you have children or teens, their physical exam can be a good opportunity to ensure they are current on their vaccines. If you are a caregiver for a loved one, remember that certain vaccines may be recommended for older adults. No matter your age, you might want to discuss the flu shot with your health care provider.

Take a shot at prevention

So, to stay focused on your well-being, check to see when the flu shot becomes available in your area.

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